edit citations dialogue will not open

Hi, hope someone can help me please? 

I am using EndNote 3.  I am trying to edit citations in a Word document (MS Office Word 2003).  I can insert the citation no problem but when I click on the ‘edit citation’ button on the toolbar or use the drop down menu option to do same, nothing happens.  I cannot get the dialogue box to open so that I can insert page numbers etc. 

Two weeks ago it was working fine, but today nothing happens when I click on ‘edit citations’.  I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled EndNote, I’ve restarted the PC.  Makes no difference.


I assume you mean X3?  Is the “more” option showing and can you select it?  Are the right tools showing in the tools> Templates and Add-ins dialog? (probably Endnote Cwyw.dot)  are there more than one?  

Do other tools work as expected?  If not - Are you running other addins (see this FAQ)?

If none of this helps, you should call tech support.