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I have upraded from Reference Manager 8 to Reference Manager 11 and converted my databases. I want to remove fields and add fields in a reference type but the “Field and Type Edit” under Tools is greyed out. Does anyone know why? Also greyed out is the “Save As” option. Is the database now automatically saved? How can I save a database with a different name?


To activate the Field and Type Edit functionality within Reference Manager, your database must be opened with Read-Write Exclusive permssions.  To do so-

1.  Close your existing database by clicking “File>Close Database…”.

2.  With Reference Manager’s gray background screen showing, click “File>Open Database…”.

3.  On the “Open Reference Manager Database” window, set the “Acess Rights” drop down menu to “Read-Write Exclusive”.

4.  Find your database, highlight the ‘.rmd’ file and then click “Open”.

5.  With your database window showing again, click the “Tools” menu to select “Field and Type Edit”.

Regarding your second query, to rename a database, you would do so on the operating system level.  Start by exiting Reference Manager altogether and browse to the folder where your database has been saved.  Once you’ve found your two database files, copy and paste these files elsewhere.  Once the two files have been pasted, right click each file and left click “Rename” to create a new version of your database with a new name.

Please let me know if this helps.   If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us again.

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