How to change database name

I created a database some time ago and now I would like to change its name. How do I proceed? The name on the tab has to change as well as the name of the relative folder in which the documents are stocked.  I’ve searched how to do this but with no success.

Thanks for your help.

To rename a Reference Manager database, you would want to do so outside of the Reference Manager program itself. 

1.  Before closing Reference Manager, if the database is open, I would click “File>Close Database”. 

2.  Once the database had been closed, you could then click “File>Exit” to close out of the program. 

3.  Next, you would want to use My Computer or Windows Explorer to browse where the database had been stored on your hard drive. 

4.  After you have located the database files, you would want to rename each of the two in the exact same way.  For instance, if your database was called References, and you wanted to change it to References New, you would want to change the .rmd file to “References New.rmd” and the .rmx file to “References New.rmx”. 

5.  Now that you’ve renamed the two Reference Manager database files, navigate one level up on the Windows folder structure to right click on the folder that contains the database files to rename it as well.  

6.  Upon renaming your database files and the containing folder, open Reference Manager again and browse to the newly named version of this database.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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Your reply was very useful to me. Thank you for for these precise indications. I have followed them and have managed to change my database name.

This forum is excellent and very handy.

All the best for 2010!