Edit reference in bibliography only


I’m using grouped references, so right now I have five references grouped in the same reference number. I want to write ·selected examples" before the second reference in the bibliography list, but when I go to edit ciation and write “selected examples” in the prefix field, the text appears in the citation and not in the bibliography list. How can I do that?


I’m unclear if you mean you’d like: 1) “Selected examples” to appear within each designated bibliography entry; or 2) as a separate header above the bibliography references mean to represent the examples.  If you mean item #1, then it it’s a matter of adding a custom field to the bibliography template and the corresponding reference type.  If item #2, then an option is to make a backup copy of the document when it’s completed, remove theEndNote field codes by converting the paper to  text format, then manually typing in the header.

Yes, that is what the prefix does.  It is a field  which adds a prefix to the citation itself.  What you want sounds more like what you would do in a footnote, than in a bibliography. But I think the easiest fix is to edit it at the end or create a custom reference type with that text preceeding the rest of the bibliography template for the original ref type.  (note added in edit. see CrazyGecko beat me to it!)

Ok, problem fixed, I’ve just typed what I wanted once I’ve finished the document, so I had to convert to plain text the endnote citations and bibliography.

Thanks for helping me!