text before cited work


I am trying to figure out how i can insert some text in my refence list at the end of my document before removing the field codes. Any suggestions?

Eample: i would like to insert the underlined text


text [ref]


[ref] Selected example is the formation of pyridine: Doe, J. J. Org. Chem, 2001 ,13, 2106

Many thanks

How many references will be affected and are these comments worthwhile to maintain?  If there are a number of references and/or these comments have subsequent use, then you might consider modifying both the reference type and output style’s template.  For example, you could input your text comment in either the pre-existing “Notes” field of the corresponding reference then edit the output style template to include the field (Notes) so it precedes the “Author” field.  Or instead of using the “Notes” field you could create a customized field by modifying the reference template(s) to include a new field (e.g., “My Comments”) then updating the output style template to include the customized field.

If the comments affect only a small number of references and they offer no further application apart from your current project then maybe it’s simpler just to manually type-in the comments once the document’s been converted to text (i.e., removing the field codes).