Editing Chicago Style


So I have the following (bibliography section):

doi: website.example

How can I replace the ‘doi:’ with ‘URL:’ IF an actual URL is used instead of the DOI? Is it possible?

Thank you

Well, I have been playing around with it. 

So far I’ve managed to get the ‘doi:’ to not display IF it doesn’t exist.

eg: URL: website.example 

However, now I get both ‘doi:’ and ‘url:’ if both exist. hahaha

e.g. doi: 10.1004x    &    URL: doi.org/10.1004x

EDIT: OK, I found the solution.

“Journal Article” 

Author. “Title.” [In Language] Review of Reviewed Item|. |. Journal Volume|, no. Issue| (|Date |Year|)|: Pages|, doi:DOI| 

Then I went into “Field Substitutions” and checked the box “If the DOI field is empty, use:”

and I put the following in the textbox: |, URL:URL

Works perfectly. If there is a DOI, then only the doi shows. If there is no DOI, then ONLY the URL: field shows, and the url itself.

had started (6 hrs ago, LOL) a reply and got side tracked.  Sorry.  See you found the solution combining the different fields for different info and the substitute options!