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Author. (Year). Title|. [Reviewed Item]|. Periodical Title, Volume|(Issue)|, Pages|.| Retrieved from Website Title website: |URL| doi:DOI

APA 6th EndNote X7.5.3

The citation is showing two URls when I don’t have a DOI. What should I do to fix this please?

The bibliography “Field Substitutions” section of your output style may be set to substitute the URL field when the DOI field is empty.

Check the setting  by by going to  the Endnote toolbar and selecting Edit > Output Styles > Edit [name of the style you’re using]; locate the Bibliography section of the output style and click “Field Substitutions”… If checked then uncheck the first option (" If the DOI field is empty, use"). Close the output style file which will save the change to a new file with the word “Copy” added to the file name. Change the setting in MS Word to use the new Endnote output style file…