EN 7 + OO 4 = no CWYW ??? Paradigm shift ?

EN 5 + OO 3 worked great …I loved the CWYW extention for OO

Just upgraded to EN 7 & Apache Openoffice 4. 

EN 7 works great

OO 4 works great 

BUT I can no longer find a CWYW extension for the new OO, I can find one for Word but not for OO …

So, let me ask my questions in a non techno geek fashion:

Where did CYYW is CWYW for EN7?

Will it be a future feature - an extension  for OO 4?

Am I not looking in the right place ? 

Is the extension - that says it shoulkd work with Words - supposed to also work with OO? I tried it and failed 

Or has the paradigm shifted ? There is no more “need” for CWYW becasue we are should be doing things differently  now … 

I have not figured out  a reason to bother with Endnote Web, but maybe the secret to CWYW is in there somewhere? 

Thanks in advance 

I am at the point of thinking that EN without CWYW does not make me happy at all - using nice words to express my feelings here 

Compatibility list doesn’t include OO4 (yet?).  http://endnote.com/en/requirements 

I founbd that Miscrocsoft Word is the only editor supported … OK … 

Are there plans to support any other editors ?? 

Apache OpenOffice 3.x is still supported, as indicated on that page: http://endnote.com/en/requirements

You can download Apache OpenOffice 3.4 here: