Endnote X8 - CWYW with LibreOffice?

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Endnote X7 with LibreOffice 5.1 for some time, and it all worked smoothly. However, after the update to version X8, it appears that there is no pre-built .oxt file in the plugin directory.

Do you know when/if such a plugin will be provided, or if there is some sort of workaround in order to get the CWYW thing to work with LibreOffice?

I am a little cofused that I do not find any sort of similar question anywhere on the web, so either I’m stuck with a really basic problem, or nobody noticed yet (which I can’t imagine).

Anyway, help would be much appreciated as I am in the middle of a paper and would hate to redo everything regarding formatting when switching to Word.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Start the OpenOffice.org Writer.
  2. Click the Tools menu and select Extension Manager.
  3. Press the Add button.
  4. Navigate to the CWYW folder, which can typically be found here: C:\Program Files\EndNote X6\Product-Support\CWYW

On 64-bit systems, this will be the folder will be “Program Files (x86).” Note that if you have program installed in a different location, you would need to find this CWYW folder in that other location.

  1. Select the ‘EndNote.oxt’ file and click Open.
  2. Click Install for All Users.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Exit the OpenOffice.org Writer and the OpenOffice.org Quickstarter that may appear in your System Tray. Right click on the icon in the System Tray and select Exit Quickstarter.
  5. Restart the OpenOffice.org Writer.

If I may ask, how are you using Endnote X7 with Libreoffice?  I can find no way to get what I need from Endnote without using either Pags for Mac, or MS Word.  I would appreciate some direction on how it worked before the most recent upgrade.

If I remember correctly, this did the trick:


However, I switched to Word 2016 when I figured X8 would not run with LibreOffice, and I did not use LO for quite some time by now.