en dashes in page range, list of references


I would need to have en dashes (–) rather than hyphens (-) in the page range in the list of references (Strategic Management Journal output style). How shall I proceed to modify the output style?



The page number range is stored by EndNote as a single unit in the Pages field so instead of modifying  the output style you’ll need to use the Find and Replace* option to search the Pages field of your references to locate each hyphen and replace with an en dash (U+2013).


Use the keyboard shortcut to select CTRL+R  or go to the toolbar to select Edit > Find and Replace

This is not a convenient workaround for those who write papers in several languages as the separator has to be a hypen in some languages whilst in others it can be a hyphen or endash. A better solution would be for EndNote to accept a page range to be entered either as one field or two, storing it internally as two and outputting according to the output style as two fields separated by whichever character is required for the given style.