"En rule" (long hyphen) character for page range in bibliography

I am preparing a manuscript for a journal that requires the en rule character (long hyphen) for specifying a page range in the bibliography. Can I get EndNote (X7.5 Build 9325) to use this character instead of the standard (short) hyphen?

Best, Andreas

Not automatically, to my knowledge.  This hasn’t changed in recent versions of the program.    

  1.  I have never bothered and no publisher has ever complained.  They have in house programs to deal with these issues.

  2.  (caution – I just tried this search and replace in the library, and it didn’t seem to work, so maybe it doesn’t work anymore?)  You can routinely do a search and replace in your pages field to replace the dash with an en dash.  A colleague who does so said no publisher has ever complained who does not require an en dash either. You use the “search” and “replace” (change text option under the Edit menu) to put an “en” dash in page numbers.  Cut and paste the en dash in from Word, as I can never remember the Unicode/keyboard equivalents (Alt+0150 en-dash  (here it is to copy  –)  and Alt+0151 em-dash) 

The Alt commands I think require the use of the number pad.  Or you can open and use  Windows (and I assume the mac has a similar accessory program) Character map. 

  1.  or on a copy of your manuscript, you can do a search and replace of the word document reference list, just prior to submission after converting to plain text (removing the endnote field codes).