En dash for in-text and bibliography citations


I am editing an article using word and referencing using Endnote for a journal which requires 3 or more consecutive references to be given as a range with the en rule (long dash). And the same to be used for a range of page numbers in the reference list. Does anyone know how this can be done? I think it may be possible to change the hyphens in the page numbers in the reference list manually? But I cannot change the hyphen in the in-text citation at all.

Many thanks 

Publishing houses can fix it in copy editing, The only way you can fix it, is to use the use the “find replace” edit function in endnote and change them in the Endnote database itself, or make the change in the final submitted version after converting the endnote fields to Plain text (in a copy!).    

Thanks for your reply! Ok, good to know the publishing house can fix this. I may try that option. Thanks!