Encyclopedia reference not formatted properly

Hi.  I’m a little new to Endnote.  I just started my doctorate and they highly suggested we use it.  I love it already minus a few learning curve issues.  Here is my problem.  I put in a new reference for an encyclopedia manually.  There was no author listed so I left that blank.  I put the year in.  The title, I’m assuming is the title of the entry in the encyclopedia, so I put that in.  I also filled in editor, encyclopedia title, city, publisher, and edition.  

When I insert it into Word, this is my in-text citation: (“Progressive Education,” 2002)  I’m guessing it’s supposed to be in quotes, but I can’t find anything to verify.  My problem occurs when it goes to the reference list.  It shows up like this: Progressive Education. (2002) (2nd ed.). New York: Macmillan Reference.  It should be:  ProgressiveEducation. (2002). In Encyclopedia ofeducation (2nd ed.) New York: Macmillan Reference.

If you notice some punctuation is wrong and the encyclopedia isn’t even listed.  I did delete and try again and nothing worked.  I’m running Endnote X2.0.2. on the Mac.  HELP!

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It looks as if you are using the APA5th style. If you open that style for editing, you will see that it formats the Encyclopedia reference type in such a way as to describe a whole encyclopedia, not an article within the encyclopedia.

Open the reference in your library and use the drop-down menu at the top to change the reference type from Encyclopedia to Book Section. Now add the additional bibliographical details: the authors of the article (Loss & Loss), the editor of the encyclopedia (Guthrie), and the page numbers of the article (1933-8).

This reference should format correctly now.


Ok, it’s still not formatting properly.  After switching it to Book Section, here’s what it looks like:  Loss, L. (2002). Progressive Education. In J. Guthrie, et al. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Education (2nd ed., pp. 1933-1938). New York: Macmillan Reference.

Any other ideas?  I don’t know who the author of the actual article is.