Endnote putting editor on new line

Hi, Can you please help me fix this reference in my reference list.

I am using APA 6th style and it is a book section. For some reason in the reference list it is dropping the editor on to a new line:

von Knippenberg, D., & Ellemers, N. (2013). Social Identity and Group Performance: Identification as the Key to Group-Oriented Effort

In S. A. Haslam, D. van Knippenberg, M. J. Platow, & N. Ellemers (Eds.), Social identity at work: developing theory for organizational practice (pp. 29-59). New York: Psychology Press, LTD.

According to the style, it should be on the same line and not dropped down. I have tried looking at output syles for bibliography templates, but i am not sure what to change.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

the formatting has come out slightly differently above, i have taken a screen shot of what is happening, please see attachment, you can clearly see the editor info is separated on to a new line and even the line spacing seems bigger.

it looks like a stand alone reference.

endnote example.jpg

Based on your screenshot it looks like the Endnote record is mistakenly using the Edited Book reference type instead of Book Section. (Notice that the authored chapter information is missing.)

Change the reference type to Book Section, update your citations/bibliography and see if that addresses the problem.

Thanks Crazy Gecko, I went to do as you suggested, and as I opened up the reference to edit, and it was in full screen, I noticed I had a blank line under the chapter title, hence the gap.

I removed the blank line and updated the reference list and it is now fixed.