APA formatting wrong

I’m using x4 and Word 2010 and my APA output styles are not coming out right. Instead of (Author, Year) I’m getting (Author Year) without the required comma. And in my reference list, everything that should be italicized is showing up underlined!! Anybody have any ideas about what might be going on?

 It sounds like there are problems with: 1) the citation template (missing comma between the Author Year fields), and the output format (underlining instead of italicized).  

You could manually make adjustments to fix the problems but the easier and quicker fix would be to download a new style file from the EndNote website.  Just go to the toolbar, select “Help” then WEB STYLES FINDER. After downloading the APA style file, just double-click on the icon to activate/install the file into EndNote.

One other thing to check is that the style being used in the document, is the style you think is being used.  It is unlikely an APA style ever had the settings you describe.  Format Paper, and look in the dialog options to see what style is being used.  Select APA there.  The style selected in the Endnote is not the style used in the paper automatically.  For a more elegant explaination with picture, see this thread.

I am meeting the same issues with Endnote. I attemped your methods. It does not work. I download Apa 6 and copy into my Endnote and select it, but the same issues ocour to me. It seems that it is not the problem about the Apa, it is regarding the Mac system, since I operate Win 7 system on Mac and accordingly use Apa in Win system with Mac. You just afford alternative way that modify template, I checked Apa 5 template, it is diffiult to me to modify it correctly becase it is program language. Please help me figure it out. Thanks a lot.

Just to reinforce the point I made in an earlier reply, are you selecting the APA style in the Endnote program or in your document? Doing so in the Endnote program has absolutely no affect on the manuscript output style.

 The platform and version shouldn’t matter. 

Editing templates is not complicated programing language.  You edit the template from inside of ENDNOTE (corrected in edit).  You might want to check out some of the CWYW tutorials available (see the training forum here for some links).