End Note (X1) tab not shown in Word 2007. Please help.

I have been using Word 2007 and End Note X1 (finalising my PhD thesis - a few weeks to submit, so a bit stressful time).

Last week when I was trying to format bibliography either Word or End Note, or both, got very stuck, and eventually crashed. After that event, I can no more see End Note tab when opening my Word documents.

What may have happened?

Based on End Note help, I tried to Configure End Note from Start-folder. When I do that nothing really seem to happen (it gives ‘EndNote configuration finished’ message in less than a second after I have clicked the ‘next’ button. After this procedure nothing has changed. EndNote is still not as a tab in Word.

Also, since this situation, the size of my word document is halved. I am a bit concerned that some EndNote related information may have been lost. That would be really bad news as I am a few weeks from submitting my thesis, which is almost ready with almost all references in place.

If Word crashes, that can disable the EndNote addins.

Does this FAQ help?