EndNote X1 / Word 2007: missing tab in ribbon / error message trying to insert citations

I’m using Windows XP. I just installed Endnote X1 after using EndNote X successfully with both Word 2003 & 2007. After the upgrade, I’m having two problems with EndNote & Word 2007:

1 The EndNote tab does not appear in the ribbon. The only endnote-related tab that appears in the ribbon is “EndNote Web.” EndNote is not listed in the Add-Ins tab. How can I get the EndNote tab to appear in the ribbon? How can I diable the EndNote Web tab?

2 When I select references in my ENL and (from EndNote) select Tools > CWYW > Insert Select Citations, I get this error: “There are no references selected in the frontmost Endnote library.” What is this message? I can’t seem to get around it.

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Of course, I find the answer to this after I post the question. Sorry for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The solution is to do this from Word: Endnote Web > Preferences > Application > Select the CWYW application > Endnote