EndNote 20.4 slowing my computer

I see that previous versions of EndNote have also had problems slowing down the computer. After loading EndNote 20.4, I noted that it began slowing my computer after opening a few records. My computer has 32GB of RAM and is running the latest version of Windows 10.

The problem clears up if I close EndNote and reopen it but recurs after a few minutes of work. Opening and closing EndNote is a pain!

Is there a fix coming soon?

EndNote 20.4.1 (and previous 20.#.# versions) work or worked smoothly on my Windows 10 computer. EndNote’s slow behavior for your computer might arise from a computer-specific factor.

Another program running on your computer might be causing problems. You can test this hypothesis by disabling all startup programs (Control-Alt-Delete > Task Manager > Startup tab) and then restarting your computer. Test EndNote’s behavior with all startup programs disabled and only EndNote running. If EndNote runs successfully, you can identify the interfering startup program by re-enabling small groups of your startup programs…

When I close EndNote, the computer slowing issue disappears. When I then reopen EndNote, the computer response begins to slow again after a few minutes. For example: This issue becomes apparent when I have multiple windows open and move a window from one monitor screen to another (running 4 monitors on PC). The window movements lag and are jerky. There is a similar lag when typing in open documents. Closing EndNote once again returns computer operation speed to normal.

Hello Chuckh,
I encountered the SAME problem.
When I started to use EndNote 20.4.1, the whole computer became extremely slow.
Such an issue disappeared after closing EndNote.
Hope the developer can fix the bugs soon.