EndNote 20.5 continues to lack features: Some suggestions

A feature I suspect all Endnotes do not have:

It is annoying to have to specific whether I’m importanting an RIS or pdf file. Why on earth can’t Endnote read what kind of file it is? It’s often that I have to go back and forth 10-20 times a day. A serious waste of time.

More problems:

My window to correct references during formatting is wider than the screen andI can only widen it MORE. Nothing lets me resize it to a normal width.

You can click on All references inn the tab or sidebar, and only the results of the previous search, even with all fields for search cleared, appear. They should appear at that time.

Searching with such filters as “Addto showing references” is not enabled.

Show/hide selected References|Option is missing.

Searching does not allow capitalization to be a factor.

|Search results |No group fof results| Can’t search within or highlight terms in search results

Although one can have a window open to enter a reference, you can only edit areference in the side panel. That is not a feature. Please pass itup theline that thisisanunwanted and severe limitation inthe capabilities th

In summary, use the Endnotte 9 interace! Clean up the crash-causing bugs!

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To add to the list of missing features: the inability to store EndNote files on a server because of possible corruption. All large organizations, including mine, use servers to store files. It makes it easier to retrieve them from different portals. Please fix this problem.

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ALL my endnote databases are on a NAS, so an external drive.

Personalizing the Edit Panel. When I double-click on an article to see the Edit Panel on the right side of the screen, I like to see the fields that matter to me at the top of the panel: authors, title, journal, year, volume, pages, keywords, Abstract. Other fields are much less important. Will you allow users to personalize the order of fields in the Edit Panel and, if so, when?

A couple more things that do not make sense to me. Why when I open a term list do I need to press “Close” when there is a red close at the top left of most windows…but not these! You should be able to search term lists too.

I crash 10-20 times a day. No tech support has helped with that.