EndNote 20 for Mac -- MUST put BACK features

Missing features: Searching with such filters as “Add to showing references”.

Searching does not allow capitalization to be a factor.

“Cancel” for Find and Replace does NOT CANCEL…you actually have to quit Endnote. This is a relatively serious bug. I can show it to you if you need.

Although one can have a window open to enter a reference, you can only edit a reference in the side panel. That is not a feature. Please pass itup the line that this is an unwanted and severe limitation in the capabilities that were in Endnote 9 and previous versions. Taking it out makes nosense. Now I can’t compare notes in 2 or more, I can’t (easily) copy and paste between them, compare author lists.

For ALL versions, I wish for: The ability to search for terms within open references, to find the exact location for the word or phrase. It’s frustrating to constantly have to take long abstracts into a word processor


Show/hide selected References – NEEDED

Unexpectedly quits…several times a day – has to be fixed.