Endnote 20 Bring Back Case Change

In EN9 you had an option to change case, all caps, sentence cap, all word caps. A lot of journals use all caps which need to be changed. Saved a lot of time and work. 

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I use daily this option and I don’t understand why it has been removed. And it is not the only one.

It’s the first time I see the new interface of a software worse than the previous one and with fewer features :cry:

Have been using EndNote for 20+ years. The Change Case was one of the gems of EndNote that I use almost every day. Clearly a downgrade that this function has been removed. I went back to X9. 

I agree that the loss of the change case feature is a problem.  I used it every time I added a reference to my library.  Without that feature, I’m using precious time and energy fixing the case in areas such as the title of an article.

Please, Look at the Library menu on EN20.

Library->Change/Move/Copy Fields

can you see it?


this is not what is meant. Some publications require titles in sentence form, and some Headline.  Changing them back and forth thru the change menu is a “permanent” change, that then needs to be changed back for another publication.  The output style should be able to accomodate it on the fly, so you can be writing two papers at the same time to different journals.   I don’t have Endnote20, so can’t directly compare, but it appears that is what has changed.  It was always also an option via the change/move/copy menu.   

Exactly. Far too many features were taken out to make this an “upgrade.”

EndNote20 has not been upgraded, unfortunately it has been downgraded.

I think it owes its new speed to the features extracted.