EndNote 20 doesn't allow multiple PDFs

Another very annoying feature of EN20 is that it doesn’t register multiple PDFs. You can have different PDFs for papers and supplementary attached to the end note entry, but it only opens the top one no matter what you think you are opening. This is obviously a bug and results in lost data, because all PDFs except one need to be deleted in order to view the one you intend to view. Hopefully a priority update soon. 

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Ditto! This feature worked fine in older versions.

And not just PDFs, it worked with any OS registered file. Many Supplemental Information files with articles are in Word, csv, Excel, kml, plus for important references, I will used to link spreadsheets or Word files with data excerpts, recalculations etc directly to the record. That too broken in EN20

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Interesting that it still works in the EndNote Online version.

More than a little clunky going back and forth though, since EndNote online doesn’t support Groups, which is how I organized my references (keywords and Smart Groups)