Endnote 20- a step back?

I started using version 20 and I must say I am dissapointed. I will not reiterate many gripes and complains from the forum. It might be however a good idea to sum them up in one posting for Clarivate.

I want to add the following ones:

  • sometimes we have multiple PDFs under one entry. Would be nice to have a ONE STEP olution to delete them. Sometimes I have 3-4 PDFs (forgot when downloading etc) and they take space. One click an all the PDFs EXCEPT the latest one (to preserve potential comments, underlines etc) shoul dbe gone

  • sometimes a reference contains a broken PDF. One click to GLOBALLY remove the broken PDFs would be sweet


  • possibility to work on TWO monitors- the second one for insatnce for the build-in PDF viewer

Thank you


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