Endnote 20 for Mac issues


The technical support team suggested I post these issues here so the developers can take note of them. I recently uploaded to Endnote 20 for Mac, and noticed these issues that I hope can be fixed:

  1. When I manually import a PDF, the edit pane on the right is set by default to Journal Article. If I change the format to book, for example, the fields below do not change. In order to see the new fields, I have to click on a different reference and then return to the original reference I’m trying to edit.

  2. The author and journal fields do not auto-populate if they are already in my library. This was a useful tool and I hope you will bring it back.

And, as many people in this forum have noted, please bring back split screens so the PDF is immediately displayed. Having to manually open each PDF adds 2-3 steps to the flow of the software and slows down the ability to browse the library. 

Thank you. 

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Cannot agree more with this. I am also finding difficulty in displaying the abstract field in the Display. This version 20.0.01 has messed up things a lot.