Horrible new interface in Endnote 20

I’m a heavy Endnote user, practically every day, I have over 30,000 references in my database, so being able to see fewer than half as many of them either when I open my database, or scroll, or when I do a search, is a real problem. I don’t see any new functionality in Endnote20, just a less functional interface.

I use a PC (Windows10 64 bit), but this seems to be a problem for Macs also.

It also used to be possible to change the display font which is no longer an option.

Can Clarivate please make it possible to single space the main reference table display?


Concur. I’d say Clarivate is at a 3-way intersection.

  1. Is it going to fundamentally fix the interface in EN21 so that users have the flexibility to rearrange it to their preferences, following proper beta-testing? At least an option to revert to “EN Classic” which wasn’t pretty but was functional

  2. Is it going to preside over the not-so slow death of a tried and true product, or

  3. is it going to spin it off. 

As a stopgap, Clarivate could provide free “downgrades” to EN X9 which I understand has a compatible database structure. (Recall Microsoft and computer makers did that when Windows 8 got a whole lot less love than MS’s insular developmental teams thought it would. Small scale repeat with EN20).

Otherwise, if they can’t take option 1 (and make EN friendlier to sharing across distributed author groups (see posts by @leanne) I’d say Clarivate has put EN on a path to the graveyard.


Strong agreement with the new 20 version interface, more attractive with dramatic loss of functionality

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I agree. As another user of extremely large Endnote libraries I personally don’t care how ‘attractive’ it is - I want it to be functional.

The preview/edit panel attached to the right hand side of the screen is a huge mistake. Please reinstate the option to move it back down to the bottom of the screen, where it does not cover references in the record display.


i would not quibble with the “loss of function” description (it really is poor), but i would push back on the “more attractive” description (it is ugly)

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100% agree! I made the mistake of “upgrading” to EN20 and very quickly discovered this move was a grave error. I am also a heavy user (almost 30,000 references, most with appended PDFs). I got on the phone with EndNote and thankfully could revert to EN9 (of course, they kept my money).

It’s horrendous and has me shopping around.

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Totally agree, very disappointed…

I just opened one of Endnote’s help documents telling me:
“We know you will love the modern interface redesign in EndNote 20”.
They should have written:
“We don’t know that you hate the modern interface redesign in EndNote 20”.
Apparently they do not read this forum. I made the big mistake last week to upgrade from 19 to 20. As stupid as the company to not read this forum.

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