EndNote 20 is not syncing

What’s confusing me is, there is no error. I am able to login online. I am using macOS. Do you understand what’s wrong? The sync status:

Sync Details

Last sync: Never

Sync status: There are changes that need to be received.

Error code: None

Error message: None

Local Library

Library name: EndNote.enl

References: 13

Groups: 6

Group sets: 1

Attachments: 11

Online Library

Account email: me@someemail.com

Serial number: 123456789

References: 0

Groups: 0

Group sets: 2

Attachments: 0 (0)


Number of references: 1000000 (1000000 can still be added)

Number of groups: 5000 (5000 can still be added)

Number of group sets: 5000 (4998 can still be added)

Attachment storage: Unlimited

I have the same issue. EndNote 20.1, MacOS 11.4

Update: How to get it working again: 

I have completely removed EndNote with all application preferences from macOS and made a fresh install afterwards. Needed to login again and then everything is working again. 

Hi there,

I had this problem as well. Did you change the file path of your EndNote library?

My syncing issues started after I renamed the folder where I keep my library. When I saw the file paths in the Sync preference weren’t matching the new file path I created, I renamed the folder back to its previous label. For some reason, I couldn’t change the file path in the Sync preferences menu in EndNote (EndNote team, can you address this, please??). 

Once I reverted the library’s file path to its original name when I first started syncing the library, and restarted Endnote, the sync worked again.

I hope this helps. Took me a bit to figure it out.