Problems with syncing...

Hi All.

I am using 7.0.1 on a Mac system across 2 computers and an iPad. I have completed a successful (online) sync with 1 of the Macs and the iPad, however the second Mac won’t completely sync the local library with the online one:

Sync Details
Sync was last run: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 09:46:56 AM +1100
Sync Status: All changes have been sent.
Error Code: None
Error Message: None

Local Sync Library
Library Name: My EndNote Library.enl
Records: 87
Groups: 14
Attachments: 36

Online Sync Library
Serial Number: 5091798897 (Premium until March 16, 2016)
Records: 197
Groups: 14
Attachments: 348.35 MB

Sync Limits
Number of Records: 1000000 (999803 can still be added)
Number of Groups: 5000 (4986 can still be added)
Number of Attachments: 5.00 GB (4.66 GB can still be added)

Any advise would be appreciated.


Greetings Kerry,

I do apologize for the EndNoteSync issue you’ve described.  I’ve created a case for your issue and you should be receiving a message from me in the inbox associated with the email address you’ve registered for your EndNote user forum account.  If you don’t receive the mentioned email, please let me know by replying to this forum post. 

Best Regards,

Jimmy M.

Customer Technical Support Representative Scientific
Thomson Reuters
Phone: +1 800 336 4474
ResearchSoft Product Support

I’m having the exact same issue.



I discovered an unsatisfactory but workable fix in the users forum under the subject “syncing problem on 2nd computer” (posted by wings666). You basically create a brand new library and sync to that. It worked for me, but I don’t want to have to do that with any regularity since it takes quite a while to sync-from-scratch, even if it’s just a modest sized library. Full details on how to do it can be ound on the wings666 thread.

Good luck.