Endnote 21: Sense of the new function "tags"?

Because of the newly introduced feature “tags” I have switched to endnote 21. But so far, unfortunately, a disappointment. Within a group you can’t filter by the tags, so you don’t really have any additional benefit beyond the already existing options “groups” and “keywords”.
This should be changed if possible!


Agree with your recommendations. Would also like to select multiple records and add a tag to all the selected records at once.

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You can do this - it’s the same way you can have multiple references added to a group.

What you can do is to select all the records and drag them to the list of tags if you have that on the left-hand side of the main reference screen. Under “My Tags,” you’ll see a list of all of your tags. Just select the references you want to have the same tag, and drag the references on top of that tag. The list will stay selected, so you can then drag the references to another tag if you’d like.

I too would like to see a way to filter tags within a group.

Thanks! very helpful

I agree, right now tags are just groups but with colors. AND you can’t nest them, which is driving me nuts. I really wish there was a way to make sub-tags or filter or anything to make them useful.

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