EndNote 21 Web (new EndNote Online)

I like the new interface of the new online tool, EndNote Web. Feels much more consistent with EndNote desktop.
As yet, it only functions to store and sync your library. I do hope that before long it will be able to do CWYW and collect new refs, just as EndNote Online used to do ie. operating as a stand-alone if simpler version of EndNote desktop.
I’d be grateful to see a roadmap of upcoming improvements for EndNote Online, with approx dates. Then I could plan my teaching.

I’m not sure what I’ll say to my students in the new October term. Use EN21 with new EndNote Web? Use EN21 with old EndNote Online? Carry on with EN20 with EndNote Online?

Meanwhile, I’m interested what others are telling their students in the new October term.
You’re a community - let’s hear what you think.

I deeply dislike only being able to have a single giant library in EndNote online. I work in several distinct topic areas and although people can share their libraries with me through the web portal, the last time I checked, I can’t have separate ones of my own.

also, the eternal “please disable your VPN in order to do anything with EndNote online” just makes using the service impossible.

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I totaly agree. Working with one giant libray in ENweb is let my sy a disaster for researcher or just physicians who work on mutiple themes. Please mirror the Group sets with secondary smart groups.

Hi! I use shared library groups by our admin and tested it now with EndNote 21.1 Web. I was confirmed by tech support that shared libraries from desktop cannot be seen at all in Web option and the CWYW actually uses the older version (X9.3) Online. EN 21.1 offers much better functions for e.g. searching references but what to do if I cannot use it now. There is a workaround but I cannot use that.
When asking the tech support for timelines to get this available, they suggest to post a request here. But does this work? Could anyone from development respond? Thanks!