Endnote 8 crashing application on Mac

Endnote (downloaded from my university)

Mac 10.13.4

MS Word / Office upgraded today: 16.12 (180410)

I have had to start re-using this Mac after a few months, and thus had several updates.

After updating Office, Sierra, and Endnote i was unable to open any of my libraries. Here’s what i have done:

  • Moved my libraries into a separate folder. After each time Endnote crashes, it gives the option to NOT reopen windows, which i have selected.
  • I cannot open the program to uninstall it, so I removed the app, as well as CWYW in word (removed from templates/tools and from library).
  • No other versions of endnote on my computer.
  • Restarted a few times.
  • Reinstalled Endnote from my library (which is 8.0). But i cannot upgrade to 8.2 because … the program crashes. There is only one version of the application on my computer.

Endnote is my favourite program in the world when it works. At times like this when i am basically paralysed it is a nightmare, 

any thoughts on next steps?

regards Geri


after talking w my university, they gave another link so i could download 8.2 directly.

  • removed application 8.0
  • used CleanMyMac to remove all files
  • Installed 8.2.
  • Crashed the first time then opened.
  • Opened successfully the 2nd time. I closed the library that opened automatically (why does it do that, and how can i stop that from happening, in case it is related to a library?)
  • Went to set options. stopped auto sync, sharing - trying to keep it as vanilla as possible.
  • Did a couple of restarts.
  • Opened Endnote… and now it is back to crashing again.