update 8.0.1 killed my endnote

I received a message asking me to update endnote to version 8.0.1 and I approved the update. From that moment on my endnote became useless. Everytime I try to use it to put a reference on a word document it crashes and crashes also my word document. At this moment I cannot use it. Any suggestion? (Possibly sooner than later because of course this happened when I most need to use Endnote)

Thank you

Dear nicomorelli,

Sorry about that. If you’re on a Mac computer, please try checking for updates in Word. Open Word, click the help menu/check for updates. Set the updater to “manually check”. The latest Word patch is 15.35.

Another thig to test is try inserting a reference into a new blank document, if it does not crash than it could be a problem with the document you are using. If that’s the case, you can give us a call here a Techincal Support at 1-800-336-4474, press option1 then option 4.