Endnote and OpenOffice - Not happy

I emailed customer support and got great service from them, but they recommended I post my emails on here, so:

Subject: Endnote does not integrate with OpenOffice Mac
Description: As Above. I bought the full version of your product under the assumption that it would integrate with OpenOffice (as stated on your website), only to find that you haven’t bothered with the Macintosh version.  Do I get some sort of refund or discount for this half-version that I payed full-price for?  I shouldn’t be forced to use Microsoft if I choose not to (I was forced to use their products for several years, now there is an option not to do so).
Paying nearly $200 for Endnote. 
This is not good.
When will you finish the Mac version that I’ve payed for?


Customer support basically responded with, “use Papers or MS Office”.

I don’t want to quote entirely what another person said, but that’s basically it. My response was:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your hasty response, much appreciated.

I’m sure you are aware of the formatting issues with Papers to Word file extensions.  I have to use Word file extensions for my Master’s degree submissions, so I have to use OpenOffice.  Microsoft engages in illegal, monopolising activity that shouldn’t be supported, yet your company seems to do just that.  This is a very serious issue.  Microsoft programmes only support American English, with proper English only being supported through substandard ad-ons that constantly revert back to American.  Even if the language is changed, it still won’t recognise American spelling as incorrect and subsequent errors can occur.  This isn’t acceptable for academic writing and considering Endnote is an academic writing tool, this problem needs to be addressed. 

I will take this issue to the forum, thank you for the advice.  I will also take this issue to my university (who recommend your product to their students) as everyone in my course uses Apple Mac, which you don’t support adequately.

I require a refund as a result of this shortfall … etc

Now, I would like to add, I have nothing against American English in America for Americans.  What about other places in the world?  MS have made it clear that they don’t care about this issue, no problem, we use other programmes.  TR should support the alternative, especially since TR does for Windows-based OpenOffice.  This is very unprofessional.  When will this bias be resolved?  Does anyone know what’s going on?  Or just can’t be bothered?

Sorry for my delivery, but I’m just disappointed.  It’s 2013 and this nonsense is still going on.

EndNote.com does clearly state that the integration with OpenOffice is Windows-only: http://endnote.com/en/requirements. Regardless, based on customer demand, we will look into extending this integration to Macintosh in the future. 

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

So, this was posted in 2008. What’s the status in 2013 , when Endnote X7 is crashing MSWord 2011 with Mavericks?

I’m guessing that whatever has been promised in the past, you still ‘look into extending this integration to Macintosh in the future’.

Hello, crashing007:

Are you referring to the crash when saving in Word 2011? If so, the update that we released last week addresses that issue. Have you downloaded and applied this update yet?

Hi, you said you’d be looking into integration for OpenOffice. Should we take a hint and find another citation manager?