Endnote X3 integration with OpenOffice.org Writer for Mac?


Are there any plans to provide integration of Endnote X3 with the OS X (Aqua) port of OpenOffice.org 3 Writer? It is unfortunate that it is currently only available for Windows - the proportion of Mac owners among academic Endnote users is probably higher than in genera population, Word 2008 for Mac is quite horrible in itself, and Endnote integration with Pages is bordering on useless (and, with Snow Leopard it seems to have even become destructive). Providing a decent OOo Writer integration for Mac would provide a good cross-platform colaborative solution for Endnote users.

Thanks in advance for any info,


I totally agree. I really like to see the end MS’s dominance in office suite. OpenOffice Writer/Calc are quite fast and simpler than tool bar/buttons/ribbons bloated MS office. I started to use Ooo a lot, and now replacing MS office with Ooo in some computers in the lab. Ooo for Mac and Endnote sounds like quite powerful combination.