Linux Version / OpenOffice compatibility

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’d really appreciate a version running on Linux, and integrating into OpenOffice as is the case with MS-Word.

I’d like to  stick to Endote, which I use ever since DOS version 1.3.2 – but always having to boot MS-Windows solely for managing my reference collections, and with Zotero and OO’s literature database function steadily improving …


I would second that. We are increasingly being approached by open-office users, and having to direct them to Zotero and other compatible products. It would make it much easier for users shifting between home and office/study if EndNote was compatible with open-office.


Definitely agree that Linux & full integration would be extremely useful.  I work in two very large organisations whose IT directorates are beginning to consider moves to Linux & open source software for many thousands of desktops.  Any products that are compatible in that environment would have a significant competitve advantage.

Actually, EndNoteX1 does run in Linux, using the free Wine compatibility layer -  It’s important to use the latest version of Wine.  There is still one (minor) known bug, but it’s pretty useable regardless -

I agree with everyone here. OpenOffice support would be greatly appreciated. 

The disadvantage of solutions such as Wine on Linux could be the lack of support from EndNote developers for any potential problems users would experience.

I had my name on the list !

EndNote for Linux and OpenOffice is a MUST. How long will we have to wait to have a software which fits scientists reality ! More and more users switch to Linux (Thanks Vista) and the Microsoft Office 2007 format is not even accepted by Journals so that OpenOffice is now a real and useful solution for serious scientists.

What about EndNote… 

I would certainly love to be able to offer full Endnote with OpenOffice to our users.  If I could count on complete compatibility between Endnote/MSOffice and Endnote/OO, we could dump VMware/WinXP on the graduate laptops and workstations.  Endnote is excellent software, just limited to Windows and Mac.  It costs quite a bit, even in the academic arena, to stay on the upgrade roller coaster.  I’d sure hate to be in the commercial side of buying licenses!  I think an Endnote server that integrated with a Windows, Mac, or Linux client for MSOffice or OpenOffice, would be terrific for academic departments.  Upgrade the client when your version of MSOffice or OpenOffice changes and only update the server when essential Endnote functionality changes.  A centralized database and client library store would mean backups would be easier for the Endnote based multiuser solution.  I should suggest this…


I see that the original post in this thread is dated 04-09-2008, but I do not see any response from the EndNote team three months later.  Should users assume that a linux and/or openoffice version is not under development, and should look elsewhere? 

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That is what I would assume at this point. I don’t think they are considering it or else we would have had some indication by now. I was impressed with what Zotero can do from what little experimentation I’ve done yesterday. The Zotero site has videos of how to use the software and with firefox ver 64bit and OpenOffice 2.4.1, I was able install the plugin and insert references and create a bibliography in a specific journal format. I have not tried moving references around yet and seeing if they stay organized like Endnote will do. Since there is a MSWord plugin for firefox on WinXP along with the OO plugin on Linux, this is a possible solution. Later versions of Zotero are proposed to have server functionality so you can grab your libraries from anywhere. I liked that. It is all free for now. I’d prefer Endnote for OO just because of the long history and robustness of the software. Plus you would not need a learning curve except for new users. However, you have to go where cross compatibility and saving money leads you.


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We are currently researching options for EndNote CWYW-like integration for OpenOffice Writer. There are no specific plans for a UNIX-native version of EndNote. EndNote currently works through WINE on Linux and EndNote Web works with a UNIX web browser such as Firefox.


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I just wanted to add my request for Endnote compatibility with OpenOffice.

Dr. Rollins,

I was under the impression that Endnote support under Wine or Crossover was problematic.  Is that not true?  Does CWYWrite work correctly?  I imagine MSOffice support under Wine and Crossover would affect the equation as well.

I understand that the Linux market is small compared to the Windows market, but I am very encouraged and very interested in progress on a version of Endnote that is functional for OpenOffice just as Endnote currently is with MSOffice.  Of course, I would prefer a Linux native version of Endnote for OpenOffice!

Thanks for your reply!  I appreciate your time taken to answer the questions posed here.


I get the impression that EndNote development relies heavily on Microsoft technologies.  Maybe that has something to do with their reluctance to consider a native Linux version. 

I also find that creating an MS Office-based product with at least similar functionality as EndNote can be accomplished with relative ease using visual basic for applications within MS Office (with Access as the database backend). 

Adding OpenOffice support would be good for preserving EndNote’s marketshare in the long run.  OpenOffice is a very attractive alternative to MS Office and many organizations will think twice before upgrading their MS Office licenses (and I already know of a couple that are).

There are steps in a different thread for installing Wine and EndNote X2:

Endnote for OpenOffice running on Linux would indeed be fantastic; especially since the release of OpenOffice 3, which is an attractive tool for writing texts as a team. 

As far as support for OpenOffice would be concerned, I came across Citavi ( from Swiss Academic Software that supports OpenOffice 3/StarOffice 9 as of its 2.4.7 version.  They have also announced an English version release with their upcoming 2.5 version in 2009. The information provided at thier web site (currently in German) is very promising and I am curious if anyone here has already tried Citavi with OpenOffice/StarOffice.  Like EndNote, Citavi allows access to online reference sources, and allows for regular expressions (Regex) in their searches.

Full support for OOO compatibility!

yes please.  I would like this too.

Note this recent press release on EndNote and compatibility:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

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I’m another Open Office user wanting Endnote compatibility - I got a 404 error when seeking to read the press release - what is the status regarding compatibility with Open Office?

EndNote versions X3 and later are compatible with Writer 3 on the Windows platform:

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