EndNote and Turnitin?

It’s been suggested to me that using EndNote (or other reference software that uses embedded field codes) may cause problems if a document is to be submitted to the plagiarism detection program “Turnitin”. Does anyone have experience of this?

As far as I know Turnitin doesn’t demand any particular reference style and is simply looking for word patterns that are similar to those it’s come across in the past, so presumably any problems would be caused either by it having difficulty with text containing a lot of field codes or by it somehow attempting to check the field codes as though they were text and flagging them as too familiar.

Any thoughts?

Sure, if it is likely to be a problem, remove the field codes using either endnote’s toolbar option, or word’s option (Ctrl+shift+F9 I seem to remember) (ON A COPY) before submtting.  Some journals request this step anyway.  Obviously if revisions are requried, go back to the version with endnote codes still intact.