Endnote field code removal

Our team is stuck with the following Endnote query from client. The user has a reasonably large (70 pages or so) document that has both citations and a reference list. He is using version X2. What he would like to do is remove the citations from the text of the document but still keep the references at the end. We have searched all the usual sources for a answer to this question with not much luck. Our suggestion would be to remove the field codes and then go through the document manually and remove the citations that have been left within the text, needless to say this would be time consuming.Does anyone out there know of any way to remove both the field codes and the citations within the text without having to do it manually. We did locate a macro via a discussion list and ran this but all it did was remove the field codes which could have been done with a click of a button, the citations still remained, albeit without the field codes!! If anyone has suggestions etc it would be much appreciated. Even if we just get to know that it cant be done woudl be useful. Cheers Zalee

This one is sooo easy. 

Edit the output style deleting anything from the “citation template”.  Save to a new name and change the manuscript to use that new style.  all the citations will “disappear” but they will still be there in the underlying code. The bibliography will still appear. 


As you said, easy when you know how.  We (Zalee and I) have sorted out the client, who is also a happy little vegemite now, and we await his next problem.  Thanks very much.