Endnote Basic and Pages?


I recently registered into Endnote Basic, and downloaded the Cite While you Write plugin for Pages. However, in Pages, the ‘Insert>Endnote citation’ option remains grey.

Is it possible to use the Cite While you Write plugin for Pages with Endnote Basic? Or do I obligatory have to download the non-free version?

And if yes, how can I activate it in Pages?

Thank you!



Currently Pages only works with the desktop version of EndNote. So if you want to use EndNote and Pages you would need to purchase the desktop version of EndNote.

You can use EndNote online with Microsoft Word.

If you would like to see Pages support added to EndNote online you will want to contact Apple and our developers.

Both Apple and Thomson Reuters are committed to improving the Pages and EndNote integration. Any feedback and suggestions for future improvements can be given to Apple using their form


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