how to CWYW with iworks pages on apple mac

Hi it seems that i carn’t cite while you write with apple pages…is this correct or did i miss some sort of set up option???

It should work, depending on your versions of Endnote and Pages. Here is the compatibility chart.

There should be nothing additional to install for the EndNote - Pages integration. There is no CWYW plug-in for Pages. Apple used the EndNote API to build the integration options right into the Pages interface. There is a short video here that demonstrates the basics - Note that there are a few limitations with the Pages integration versus the CWYW plug-in for MS Word.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I am having a problem with Endnote and Pages.  I cannot seem to get ‘Format Paper’ (on Endnote) to work. I can run Endnote X2 and the X4 trial. I am runnning Pages 09 (4.0.5).  In Endnote, both the .pages and .rftd formats of my paper are greyed out in the ‘Format paper’ tab.

Also, is there a way to have Endnote format a paper from within Pages or do I have to insert each citation individually?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.