Cite While You Write / Mac X7 Question


I’m new to the Mac.  Came from PC world.  I have Pages installed (better than Word on a Mac).  I could have sworn that when I installed EndNote Mac / X6 I had to install some sort of patch, so Cite While You Write worked with Pages.

So the million dollar question: now that I have X7 (again, for Mac) installed - is there some sort of way I can see if Pages will work with this new X7?  If not, what patch do I apply?

Thank you!


The first question I have is  did you download and install pages via the Mac App Store?  

Option 1: If you did, take a look at this knowledgebase article

It will take you to the site at Apple that will allow you to download and install the CWYW bundle.

Option 2:If you installed it from Disk or other download, you can add the CWYW bundle from the customizer in EndNote, however it should have loaded automagically, so I’d bet on option 1.

In either case, make sure you have all your updates installed as there have been some issues in the past.

Once installed, you will have new entries in your menus under Edit and Insert.  You will NOT get a nifty toolbar like in Word, but it works pretty well for me otherwise

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.30.50 PM.jpg