Endnote - bulk edit author name format in library

Hi there, 

I imported 450+ references from another programme when I started using Endnote and have since manually entered 100+. For some reason, when importing references with multiple author names, they appeared on the same line separated by a ; which means I now have problems with in-text citations not appearing correctly with APA 6 style. My understanding is author names need to appear on a separate line with no puncuation at the end of each line. 

Is there a way to correctly re-format author names in all my references so they appear on different lines without having to go through each individually please? 


First make a backup copy of your library, just in case.  This cannot be reversed/undone.  

Using the Edit menu (in the Windows version) function “Find and Replace” (also shortcut key Ctrl+R) –In Author field, find semi-colon character (:wink: and replace with “carriage return” from the special character dropdown menu.  You can first run a search for the ; in Author field, so only those records affected are showing.  You shouldn’t have to worry about the space.  In fact if you include it, it doesn’t find them, in my experience.  

It should tell you how many it found, and should replace them.  Note – in the library view, they won’t look much different, if you are showing all authors, because it shows them with a semi-colon in the multi-author library display, but it will only show one author if you have the “show all authors” turned off and you can see they are now each on a separate line, if you open the records.