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I have Endnote X on a Mac.  Everytime I put something in parantheses in my text–say I want to give an abbreviation for something like “lupus anticoagulant (LAC),” endnote tries to put in a citation.  It’s really annoying.  It also searches my entire document every time I open it trying to make say “(Figure 1)” a citation.  Is there any way to turn this off???



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Greetings Katie,

EndNote is set to look for a certain type of bracket surrounding citations that have been entered by EndNote.  This citation delimiter is usually set to curly brackets {  }  or square brackets [ ].  It sounds like your document is defined to have EndNote look for parenthesis, which would cause EndNote to stop on each instance of parenthesis and try to match this text up to a record within your library. 

Before checking your temporary citation delimiters, be sure to save a backup copy of your document.  Once the document has been backed up, in Word, click “Tools>EndNote X>Format Bibliography”.  You will find the “Temporary citation delimiters” setting near the bottom of the Format Bibliography window.  If you find the delimiters are parenthesis, I would suggest changing to the curly brackets mentioned above.  Once you’ve made your change, press “OK” and EndNote will attempt to format the document once again.  Afterward, quit Word altogether and then open your document again.  EndNote should now ignore parenthetical text within your document, only looking for text surrounded by curly brackets. 

If these instructions don’t work for you, or seem to be too complicated, feel free to give a call to our Technical Support department and one of our representatives will walk you through the process.

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I encounter the same problem while using Endnote. The problem is that I have to use (), [] and {} in my thesis quite often and Endnote tries to match them to citations every time I insert a new one. I couldn’t find any othe symbols that were possible citation delimiters which would be necessary to save me from clicking the ignore button all the time. For every symbol I tried the message “The left and right delimiter cannot be blank and must be unique.” appears and Endnote does not accept the change. I hope there is a solution.

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