Endnote error: "Endnote is not responding. Error= -600."

I am using the latest version of Endnote X7 with Microsoft Word for Mac. Both programs are updated to the latest version. EndNote in-text citations have worked without any issues for the past two months. Suddenly, yesterday,  when attempting to insert an in-text citation in a document I had been working on for a couple of weeks, I got the following error: “Endnote is not responding. Error= -600.” Screenshot attached.

Endnote itself works fine, but anything that I click on within the Endnote X7 tab within Word now gives me this error. 

Has anyone experienced a similar problem and, if so, are there any solutions you can suggest?


This error happens on Mac OS X 10.10 with the latest version of EndNote and word installed, you can either downgrade Word to 15.20 or upgrade the Mac OS X to 10.11. Details for doing this can be found here: 




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I have the same problem - error 600 when I try and do anything with Endnote from within Word.

I have upgraded to Mac OSX 10.11.6 but this error still occurs.

I have Word 2011 for Mac, version 14.6.6 and Endnote X7.5.3

This is very frustrating - are there any other suggestions for fixing this please?