EndNote Error Message

Hello, I recently began using EndNote. Initially when I installed Cite While You Write, the toolbar opened without issue in Microsoft Word. I do not recall changing anything, but now I receive the following message upon attempting to open Cite While You Write in Word 2011: “Could not find a copy of EndNote X7.1 to launch. Error code = -10814”." 

Thank you for any help that you may offer!

Hello Janaeb,

It sounds as thought the tools in Word have become switched with the Desktop tools.

Both are part of the Cite While You Write toolset, and there’s a toggle to switch between them.

To switch the tools…

1)  Go into Word

2)  Click the Tools menu

3)  Click the EndNote X7 submenu

4)  Here, choose “Cite While You Write Preferences…”

5)  Click the Application tab in this window, and you should be able to switch the tools over from the EndNote X7 program, to the EndNote online tools, which I suspect you’re after.

Clicking OK at this point should get your tools working again.

I do hope this helps.