EndNote Extremely Slow in EN and Word - Please help

Hi there,

I’ve been using EN for 3 years now, and am in the final stages of writing my PhD dissertation. EN has gotten increasingly slow so that in the past 2 weeks it is not functional for use.

For example, inserting a new reference in EN causes the spinning colour wheel to appear and it takes about 90 seconds for it to stop and update with the new reference. Likewise, when adding a reference in Word, the entire document text dissapears and again takes about 90 seconds before the document text re-appears with the new reference. This happens when inserting a new reference or when making changes to a reference (for example, adding a page number).

I am using EN X8.2 and Mac OS 10.13.6

I would really appreciate any help about how to stop or at least minimize these delays so that I can return to writing.

Thank you.

You may want to try the following steps to remove any possible document corruption.


You can also turn off the Instant Formatting feature to speed up the inserting of citations and later format the document.


If you continue to have issues with Word and EndNote.

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or


Thanks Tony. I’ll try these to address the problem in Word. I don’t think they’ll help with the problem just within EN though, when I am inserting references. Perhaps for that I’ll need to contact technical support directly.

Hello EN users,

I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with EN support to discover that just closing the EN program and then re-opening it was all that was required for it to work relatively quickly again.

So, if you are having a similar issue, try closing EN and re-opening. Problem solved.



Update Java from Java.com ! WOW! FINALLY got something to work! FYI, Running OSX 10.14.16. Endnote 8.2. Now it is fast again! FYI IU shut down endnote while I installed Java to ensure some issue wouldn’t crop up. Then simply booted Endnote again without reboot of computer.

Boom! Thank you to ScrippsOcean. No thanks to EndNote for not helping other than simply having the forum (some help).