EndNote X7.2.1 with Word Mac 2011 on Mac OS X super slow


I´ve already read past posts about this topic, but i could not find any usable solution of the problem. 

I have ca. 200 footnotes with citations belonging to ca. 100 litearture sources in my Word Document, that are linked to endnote. 

When I add or change citations, it takes at least 30 seconds each time, while word is processing the usual Endnote steps (…formattin bibliography, formatting in text citations etc…). It is impossible to proceed working with endnote, when it takes that long each time i add a citation. When I started with my document, the speed was good, but the more refrences i have, the slower it gets. My Hardware is quite fast and im woking on an ssd, so it cant be the hardware.

Is there any way to speed up the processing of endnote?

I´m really appreciate your help and im looking forward for a solution!

Thanks in advance!


Dear Robert,

In Word, you can turn off instant formatting to speed up the process of inserting new citations in your document. Under the tools/EndNote X7 menu, click “turn off instant formatting”. After changing this setting, newly inserted citations will appear as temporary citations, for example {author, year #record number}.

When you wish to convert the temporary citations into formatted citations, click “update citations and bibliography” under the EndNote tools in Word.

I hope this is helpful.

I don’t know if it is still true, but having too many installed styles can affect performance as well.  

We have many students who have instant formating on, and have large number of citations in their thesis with figures, and don’t really see performance issues, unless they have lots of tracked changes.   Sometimes turning off the  “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” really helps resolve performance issues, too.  This option in the windows version is in the format bibliography menu (see attached image).