EndNote running terribly slow with and wthout MS Word

I am using EndNote X7 on Win 7 64 bit with MS Office 2010.

Whether I use the CWYW in the Word or just manage citations in Endnote, the latency is so high it pretty much makes working impossible. For the program to load, it takes up to 3 min, scrolling up and down in the EndNote library takes minutes with every line appearing separately, one after the other. Opening a reference by double clicking takes a minute and then the same thing scrolling up and down in it.

CWYW in Word literally takes 2 min to load if I’d be inseting something, often times had Word and EndNote freeze.

I’ve tried deleting the Word Data registry, unformating and formating, but problem still stands if office programs are not even open. Computer has Intel Core i5 processor, 500G, 4G RAM, all other program run perfectly fine.

Please let me know of some solution cause I can’t reach deadline this way!



Don’t know where to edit, just wanted to make some further remarks.

I’ve also tried uninstalling X7 and installing X4 instead, both have the exact same problem. X4 is maybe a little better, instead of waiting for 5 min, it only takes 3, but ridiculously slow, too.

Both of them worked finne until recently

And just to compare, running R and SPSS (both pretty ‘high maintenance’ statitstical programs) means no problem, computer handles it fine, so problem is definitely with EndNote.

Thanks in advance

How many output styles, connection files or import files did you download during installation. Too many will significantly impact the speed of Endnote.  

Thanks for the answer, I left everything at default the way it comes when installing. Checking the folder I have almost 500 (491) output style files in the Styles folder, 443 Connection files in the Connection folder, and I’m not sure where to check for import files. I have quite a lot of citations saved, but all in separate libraries, and only have two open at the same time, which adds up to about 200 citations EndNote is handling.

Should I start deleting some of the styles and connections I don’t use?

I don’t really know what connection files do, is it ok to just get rid of some?


So I deleted most of the output styles and filters, and it did get a little better, but still is almost unbearably slow. It’s as if there was a massive amount of data hindering the program from running properly, I just can’t figure out where it could be. Any ides?


Sorry, I have been out of town.   - I have a library with over 3500 entries and many have PDFs, and the default styles, connections and import files plus a few more.  I recently upgraded to word 2013 but had no problems with word 2010 before that.  It sounds like there is something strange going on, as my delays with too many styles, only really affected the word/endnote interface and update speeds.  I can’t imagine what is slowing down endnote on its own, scrolling and openning records.  Have you tried backing-up and then recovering your library?  Maybe it has a corruption?  

If it persists, you probably want to contact the endnote folks in tech support, which might have tools to see what is happening, rather than this user forum.  

the EndnoteTechnical support can be reached 

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern (GMT -5)
+1-800-336-4474, press 4

One other thing, I have found to slow things, down, is if I originally created a word document in an older version, and continue working on it in a more recent version of word.  I find unformating the citations to the temporary/unformated version and saving, and then maybe removing all field codes, and then reformating, resolves word glitches.   – again, this probably would only affect word interface with endnote and wouldn’t explain the lags you see in the endnote program itself.