Endnote codes in Word doc; don't have Endnotes

I don’t have End Notes, but someone sent me a document with End Note codes instead of regular text citations. Without End Note or CWYW, is there something I can do to convert the codes in Word to regular text, or do I need to use End Note to fix this? Can I install CWYW to fix this without having End Note? 


what is it you want to “fix” and are you planning on returning it to the original author for further corrections or updating?  If you are - messing with the Endnote fields will make it impossible for her/him to work futher with it.  You have a couple options then.  You could download a trial EndNote program.  OR Don’t touch the fields and they should be okay and the orginal author will be able to continue working on the revised document. 

You could ask the original author to “unformat” the refs and they would appear in the manuscript as curly bracketed refs with a record number.  It would be best to have them append a bibliography so you can figure out what papers have already been referenced.

If you aren’t going to need to send it back - you can wipe the codes from the document with Word’s" remove Fields" command (select all and ctrl+Shift+F9) but your collaborator will be really annoyed if you send it back that way and they subsequently need to add/delete or reformat for a different journal the references. 

I have Word 2010 and EndNote X4. Although I’ve tried ctrl/shift/F9, all I get is my volume button icon. I need to remove the field codes to submit to a journal. Is there another way to remove them? I don’t have an EndNote tab when I open Word.


Have you checked whether the CWYW add-in was deactivated?  Information on how to check and reactivate the add-in in MS Word 2010 is described in this thread.

You don’t have the Endnote Ribbon?  (You might want to fix that - as it has a tool to remove endnote codes - FAQ45 or FAQ60?)

Other ways to remove codes from Word 20101 – always first ctrl+A (select all), then try Ctrl+6 if Ctrl+Shift+F9 has been reassigned?