REQUEST FOR A FEATURE (writing papers and citations)

Hi. EndNote Twitter account recommended to write my request here. Please consider implementing this. If i can provide more information please dont hesistate to let me know.

Can #EndNote have a feature that allows a quick check of the paper without the citations within the text?

When I write a paper, I use many citations within the text. I use citations heavily for major journals.

I want to have a feature that allows me to quickly REMOVE all citations (or make them disappear) & to also BRING them back. This allows me to read the paper more quickly. Then I bring back the citations when I am happy with the paper. Many thanks. Shahla

Just edit your output style to remove anything from the citation templates, save as to a new name. 

Now switch to that output style in your manuscript and it have the endnote fields still hidden, but they won’t appear in the text. (will still generate your bibliography though). 

Or switch to a footnote style (like Chicago 16th footnote) which again, has noting in the “citation template”.  

 – or you could switch to a numbered output style, which will be less intrusive but still mark where citations are occuring.  

then switch back when you want to see your journal required citations.