Endnote file could not be found

Please HELP,

I woke up this morning to use the endnote on my desktop, only to get a heartbreaking shocker of my life that “my endnote file could be found”.

Does it mean that two years work gone please? Am highly traumatised.

Please HELP


Where did you save your library when you created it? Is it possible that the location of the library or the file structure on your computer or server has changed?

The message means that EndNote cannot find the file in the locations it was last time. You can try to open it manually by File → Open Library and browse for the libary (name.enl).

If you cannot find it, try to search for the file ending .enl on the computer/server.

Hopefully, your library is still around. EndNote can normally not delete the library. This has to be done outside the program.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

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