Endnote for Blackberry, just like for Palm

I am a graduate student and often conduct research in foreign archives, and I will often find materials I need only in tiny, hidden bookstores nowhere near the internet or my computer.  I have been using Endnote on my Palm TX for a few years, and it is an invaluable tool on the road. I can easily check to see what materials I need when standing in front of a store clerk or archive librarian. But now that I am trying to switch my phone to a Blackberry, I find I cannot simply phase out my Palm pilot entirely.

It boggles the mind that an Endnote app has not been developed for the Blackberry. Another user posted on this forum about wanting Endnote for the iPhone. I think these are powerful options that should be developed: So many of us travel to conduct research, and one cannot assume we will always have easy access to the Internet, or would be able to carry our computer with us when road-tripping from site to site.

And yes, I do have Endnote on my Palm. But the Palm is not a phone, and I would like to phase it out and switch everything onto a Blackberry.   It makes sense to me that, with the similar functionality that exists between Palm, Blackberry, iPhone and other machines available now, we should have the ability to keep our libraries with us as we might switch devices.

Is anyone with me?

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